Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tell All Tuesday

 I am linking up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for the last Tell All Tuesday.
This Tuesday it's getting set for back to school. So what's a wish, goal and dream I have for this school year? Keep reading to find out.
Okay so I feel like that first year of teaching you can feel happy when you cover the basics and go a little over and beyond with your lessons but obviously after that first year you are really able to look back and make some BIG improvements. Well obviously this past year was not my first year teaching kinder but it was my 1st year teaching full day kindergarten in Canada on Mondays, Wednesdays & every other Friday. Since it was such a big change from teaching in the States Monday-Friday full day kindergarten, I had to really pick and choose what I taught from what I usually teach to try and fit it all in. By the end of the year I really noticed that I needed to incorporate more science experiments and that is one of my goals this year. Incorporating more science isn't my only goal though. Like Diana mentioned... Math is my least favorite thing to teach and I really want to get better at teaching it and work on building better math centers.
I love every child that I have ever taught. They hold a special place in my heart and I know that I will love this new group of kiddos. I really hope that every child will feel that love and feel confident through out the school year, a especially when they leave me at the end of the year.
I have been anxious at the thought of juggling being a mom this year plus teaching two different grades (kinder & grade 2). I know kinder will be a breeze because I have taught it for a few years but grade 2 is a bad new ballgame for me. My sweet friend Amanda over at Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten sent me an email giving me some great advice on how to find a balance. She is pretty amazing I might add. :)
Alright, so it's your turn to share. Go link up!

Monday, August 3, 2015

August Pick 3 Pinterest Party

I am linking up with the Inspired Ow'ls Corner and Pawsitively Teaching with my top three Pinterest picks for back to school.

 Have you seen this sweet sweet note to have students open before the first night of school? I love this sweet note and already have mine printed and ready for my soon-to-be kinders. You have to check this pin out. I can't wait to give this to the parents on meet the teacher night for them to give to their kiddo.

I totally forgot I liked this pin a while back and I would love to use this Daily Focus board in my classroom. I think I am going to use this in my classroom this year but make it interactive on my SmartBoard to focus on during carpet time.

 I always read The Mixed Up Chameleon and A Color of His Own the first week of school. This art would be so much fun and cute to do with the class.

I would love to hear about your back to school ideas and pins because I am always looking for fresh ideas. Please share a favorite pin in the comments or link up. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready

Hey friends. Before I get my classroom & everything ready for the 1st day of school I have to get ready for Meet the Teacher night. This year we have 3 days of professional development at the school with staff before school starts, and on that 1st night the kindergarten teachers (that's me) have Meet the Teacher night. Only the kinders have Meet the Teacher night at my school. The parents will come in & listen to the principal say all that he needs to share. My parents will then come to my classroom where I will share with them everything I need to. This is the most important time for me to share with them everything that I want them to know and allows me to answer any questions they may have. 
I am a super super super prepare freak and like to be very organized.
What do I use to make sure I am ready for my parents you might ask. Well let me tell ya. ;)
 While eating some yummy waffles for snack this afternoon I put everything that I use to prepare myself for Meet the Teacher night in this resource pack.
 This is just a very tiny glimpse of some of the resources that can be found in Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready
In this resource you can find: 
an editable Welcome flip book, sign in sheet, editable student info. sheet, class wish list posters, school supply posters, school supply labels, editable sign in poster, editable welcome note for students.
 In the past I have always used a brochure type of thing with all of the class info. that I want parents to know but this year I had more to add and a flip book let me do just that.

 The text is editable on each page so you can include what 
information you would like for your parents.
 I printed my welcome flip book on bright copy paper.

 I included so much info. in this welcome flip book that I doubt my parents will actually need to take notes but just in case they do I included a notes section.
 I love how quick and easy this is to create. All I had to do was print, line it up, fold & staple.

 Please excuse my super chipped nails.
 Just pretend I stapled my book. lol. My stapler is in my classroom.
You can find this Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Making a Good Impression

Are you big on 1st impressions? I am. I think I always try on a few outfits to figure out what I will wear to meet the teacher night. My school doesn't have meet the teacher night until the end of August since school doesn't start until September but I am already thinking about what I will wear. Below are a few outfits that I plan to wear the 1st few days of school. I am not quiet sure which one I will wear to meet the teacher night yet. Which one do you think?
(top-Old Navy, skirt-Simons)
 I love to wear bright colors, especially to meet the teacher night and the 1st day of school.
(dress- Dillards)
 Each of these outfits were under $50. 
I'm a girl on a budget so of course they were on sale.
(outfit- J.Crew Factory)
 (top- Old Navy, skirt- J.Crew Factory)
(dress- Dillards)
I must admit that I am leaning towards the white top and bright coral skirt to wear to meet the teacher night. This year there are only two of us teaching kindergarten so I won't have to worry about standing out next to 3 other teachers. I feel like the 1st outfit says fun and a little dressy. :) 

Speaking of making a good impression... Are y'all allowed to wear jeans to school? And if so, do you wear them to school?
At my previous school we were not allowed to wear jeans to school and we would complain about it. I mean really... who doesn't love wearing jeans. Maybe it's just me but I like wearing jeans. At the school I teach at now we are allowed to wear jeans on Friday but only if you donate a loonie (equal to $1) towards that year's cause. I really like that teachers give towards a cause to wear jeans for a day.
Why I DON'T wear jeans on jean day...
Since I taught at a new school last year I had to attend a first year employee orientation. On the last day of the orientation a panel of different leaders, teachers, and parents spoke to us giving us some advice. One of the parents straight up said "Please do not wear jeans to school. You are a professional so dress professional." She went into more detail and the more she talked I found myself agreeing with her. She was completely right. Professionals should dress professional. 
I also get it. We are in a career wear we are bending down, kneeling, and straight up getting down on the floor with the kiddos. But ya know what... There are pants, maxi dresses, etc. that are comfy and cozy. Just because we may get down and dirty doesn't mean you can't dress more professional.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Friday

I am linking up with Freebielicious again and it's all about Fun Friday today. We are sharing the fun things we do in our classroom.
The term Fun Friday tugs a string for me. Do you call your Friday "Fun Friday" in your classroom or with your students? At the school I taught at in Mississippi I would call every Friday "Fun Friday" with my students and so did the other teachers. Well that was until the principals kept telling us not to call Friday "Fun Friday". The principals would say- We want students to think every day at school is a fun day. I kind of see where they were coming from. I loved the school I taught at in MS. and love the school I now teach at in Alberta, Canada. I am so lucky to be able to teach at a school where we get to have fun every day.

In the spring we release the butterflies that we watched grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

We go for walks on the trails near the school.

Legos are a must in our classroom. Students love to socialize and create using Legos.

We are very fortunate that we get two 25 min. recess breaks every day but sometimes we need to take a break and go out a little bit earlier or at the end of the day.

Who doesn't love a good tea party?

Another free choice activity is the train set.
At the end of each day my kinders get to choose a free choice activity for the last 20-30 minutes of school. I love that this time allows them to socialize, explore and play.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I am linking up with Freebielicious for a Throwback Thursday. I am taking it back to a post from October 2013. I would've shared a post from the first days of school but I was so bad at actually taking photos because you know how busy that first week is. 

Back to 2013...
Ahhhh! These past weeks have been CRAAA-ZY!!! Kudos to you lovely ladies & dudes that are able to blog every day. I feel absolutely terrible for not finding enough time to get on here more often but every extra minute I get is spent with my nose in my Canadian history class that I have to pass in order to get my permanent certification in Canada. UGH! It really stinks.... It's like pulling teeth to make myself read. I CAN NOT wait until this course is over, well if I can pass it that is. I pray that I can pass this course even if it is by a thin thread.
On the plus side I have lots of photos & freebies to share with y'all :)
We are working on patterns. I made these strips of cube patterns so that students can extend the pattern. Freebie--- cube pattern strips

We learned about the letter & short sound of Aa last week. We did an apple observation. The kiddos loved it! They predicted whether their apple would sink or float and then checked their prediction.
Check out the Apple Unit on TPT, or TN,

We measured our apples.

We recorded our observations.

Students read their Fall Sight Word Reader. Another FREEBIE

I saw a cute craft on Pintrest similar to this so I free handed a template for these fun scarecrows.

The kiddos enjoyed making these. This was our first "big kid" writing. Together we wrote the sentence- I see a scarecrow. Then students created their own sentence by telling me what they would like to write about their scarecrow. I wrote their sentence on a sticky note and they wrote it on the scarecrow writing sheet.
Next week the students will begin to use the letter sounds that they know to write words.

Here are our turkeys and corn crafts that students created for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Students created these name plates on poster boards using snips of construction paper about 3 weeks ago but I just got these up in the classroom. I know I know... bad teacher.

A few books we read for the letter Aa.

Our letter Aa cards for the kiddos to refer to through out the week.

Our Apple Graphing
Grab it for a buck here or find it in the Appl-i-cious Unit

After reading Johnny Appleseed we created Johnny Appleseed hats.

The Letter Dd & Dinosaur Unit
Students created their own patterns with these dino cards.
Freebie--- Dino Pattern Cards

We've learned the letters Pp, Uu, Oo, Mm, Xx, Aa & Dd so far.
Students write & read words that have the letters that we've learned so far.

The dino pattern sheet that you can grab above. :)

Students LOVED being Paleontologists and creating dino fossils using noodles.

Our paleontologist hat we made using construction paper.

Our witch writing... Another Pintrest find!
Students listed their witch brew ingredients.

These turned out cute!

Tonight our school had a Halloween dance which is a great way for the PTA to raise money. There were a good amount of other Minnie Mouses there too but I was the only one with a red dress.

I like this post because it has quiet a few freebies which I love sharing with other teachers. :) Happy Thursday y'all!


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