Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a Push Sale

Snow in September?! Say what! Yes, it snowed here today. Can you believe it? No wonder my baby doesn't want to come out of my belly. I can't blame her. It's suppose to snow tomorrow as well.
I must have one stubborn little girl on my hands. Her due date was September 2nd & she still has not arrived yet. I have been impatiently waiting. The day has come to where I will have to wait no longer. YAY! Tomorrow morning I am evicting this stubborn girl & am getting induced. So in celebration of FINALLY being able to meet this princess I am having a Push Sale!!!

Head over to my TPT Store or TN Shop to get 20% off the 9th & the 10th!!!
I hope y'all have a happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

False Labour & Freebie

My school started back on Tuesday & it was a bitter sweet day as I was wishing I was able to be there on that 1st day of school with my grade 4 kiddos. I  love the first day of school & think it really sets the stage for the rest of the year. Most of all I missed shopping for my 1st day of school outfit. I can't be the only one?! This past weekend I went with the hubs to J. Crew so he could get him some new work gear & I found the perfect 1st day of school dress that I would've totally worn. It was rural blue dress and the sleeves and bottom were a scalloped cut. And best of all... it was 50% off. I should've just bought it for when I return to work but I knew that would only make me more sad. Plus I might look funny buying the dress with my big 'ole pregnant belly.
Yes, my due date was yesterday & I am still pregnant! :( This baby is playing mean tricks on my body. Last night Early this morning I had a false labour. I woke up about 12:30am with contractions 1-2 minutes apart that lasted until after 4am. We finally went to the hospital around 3am because they started hurting a little and I was worried with them being so close together. Apparently it was just a false alarm since I wasn't dilated enough. It's just a guessing game. Being a teacher I find this difficult. I like to be given a date and time. Oh well...
Oh behalf of a false labour and little sleep I have a freebie for you. I had someone request the Teacher Planner in a black & white version for a ink friendly version. So here it is! Grab this freebie while it's available.
Hopefully in the next few days I will be showing off our little bebe if she decides to come out & play. :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Supply Labels & Schedule Cards Freebie

I spent some time in the classroom today adding those supply labels, schedule cards & some bulletin board items that were much needed. School doesn't start for another week but I have done all that I had to  am going to do since technically I wasn't suppose to do any of it. I'm sure the teacher dude filling my spot while I'm out won't mind, right.
You can grab these classroom supply labels HERE for free.
We will receive the schedule for the times we have gym, music & library this Thursday so for now I haven't included the times next to the schedule cards.
You can grab these daily schedule cards HERE for free.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teacher Week 14': What Friday

It's time for the last day of Teacher Week 14'. Well actually yesterday was but I'm a day late again. I have a good excuse though. We had a false labour alarm so I was in the hospital for a few hours & my brain was not on blogging. I am totally okay with it being a false alarm. I think it made me realize that I can wait another week for the pain and terror of labour. LOL. Can you tell I'm scared to death?
Today's Yesterday's topic is about what you we like to teach. I love teaching everything in general but my all time favourite has to be Language Arts. I love teaching kindergarteners how to read & write. Even when I teach grade 4 next year I think my favourite will be Language Arts but for now I can only speak based on my experience based on kindergarten.
There' just something about a 4-5 year old coming into your classroom barely knowing how to write their name, not knowing their letters & sounds yet they leave reading simple sentences and writing words & simple sentences. It's the best feeling in the world!
When teaching reading & writing these are one of my main go-tos. The kiddos love their weekly sight word reader. They are so proud when they get to bring a new reader home at the end of the week to read to their parents or other family members.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teacher Week 14': Why & When (Freebie included)

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday so I'm playing catch up today. My Why Wednesday & When Thursday are in the same post... That's okay right.
I must admit I am way more organized in the classroom than I am at home. In fact it's killing me that everything in my classroom is not labeled right now but with me having another teacher take my place in the classroom until January while I am on maternity leave I didn't want to step on his toes & take over absolutely everything. I will wait until January to go in & label everything.
I wouldn't make it through the school year without my teacher planner. Last year I had my Erin Condren planner & loved it. Since I am not at the school all year I couldn't bring myself to send $100 on a teacher planner that I would only use for 5 months. Yes, $100!!! Unfortunately they charge $40 to ship to Canada (tear). So.... I typed up my own teacher planner which is what I am using this year. I sent it to the print centre this week. And guess what.... You can grab this Teacher Planner for FREE HERE!
This item will only be available FREE today.
Most teachers tell me that one of their least favourite things to do is decorate their bulletin board. I am totally opposite. I love changing my bulletin board & coming up with fun ideas. I also love having different bulletin borders to choose from. Those suckers can be a pain if not kept organized. I keep my border in a border storage. I've had it since my 1st year & don't know what I would do without it.

I also keep any bulletin board décor in my bulletin board storage box. This keeps it all in one place.
Colour coded binders are just the best! Most teachers keep their student files in a large filing cabinet. I actually keep all of my student info. & assessments in a large binder. This allows me to easily bring the assessments home to mark or use for report cards. I keep student info. sheets in one binder & their assessments in another.
This bin with coloured folders keep my guided reading organized. I have the folders coloured coded based on each reading group. I keep any readers, printables and/or assessments that I need to use for my guided reading in this bin. This is also a BIG help when I have a sub & allows the sub to run my guided reading exactly like I want.
So that's just a few of my favourite tools to help stay organized & sane.
Head over to Blog Hoppin' HERE for more ways to stay organized.
Okay so now it's time for When Thursday....
Here's a rough draft of our class daily schedule & when we will do things.
Since school hasn't started yet we don't have the times scheduled for our music, library or gym time. Plus I know after the 1st week of school I tweak my daily schedule to best fit my kiddos.

And I included a glimpse of my 1st day of school schedule because it's always different than the rest of the year.
I didn't include the grade 4 year plan since we haven't met as a team & decided on that yet.

Want to look more into daily schedules & year plans? Head over to Blog Hoppin' HERE to get more ideas!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Week 14': Where

Today is all about showing where you spend the majority of your time.... the classroom or more like my home away from home. I am sure everyone's classroom is their 2nd home. If you're like me you often have your classroom more organized and cleaner than your own home. 

Here are some before & after photos of my classroom this year. 
School doesn't start for 2 more weeks so the classroom is not 100% ready. There are still a few more things I need to add. It's definitely different decorating a classroom for grade 4 instead of kindergarten. Well here is a glimpse at what's going on so far.
The classroom I moved into this year had 2 of those ugly green chalkboards. I painted it with black chalkboard paint & hot glued some cute light blue clothes pins to the board. This will be the Student Work Display area.

This classroom is part of the add-on from a few years back so they are portables. The awful cream walls in this room just kill me. :(  I wish we could paint them. I still have some more posters & things to put on the wall to try & cover these ugly walls up. I don't want to make the walls full of clutter either.

Here is a glimpse of the classroom from the door. I love having an exit door also in the room that leads to the playground. It's especially great to have in the summer and fall when you just want the door open for fresh air through out the day.

This area is for student work to be displayed. The computer & writing table is set in front of this area.

Eventually student work will hang from that brown pillar that runs in the middle of the ceiling in the classroom. 

Learning all about plants is a big part of the grade 4 curriculum so that white rack will have lots of plants on it eventually. The students will be in charge of caring for them through out the year.

The classroom colours are navy, lime green & turquoise. I still need to add lots more colour to the room & get some things to hang from the ceiling.

Here is the word wall display and cursive handwriting alphabet I made for my classroom.
There's that dreadful yucky wall again.

I had to get a close-up of the clothes pin for the students to put their work. You can't tell that they are chevron, polka dot & stripes from the photos.
Our school ordered book bins this year for every classroom for Daily 5 and we are so excited about that. My bins are of course lime green and turquoise. 

Well that's a glimpse of my classroom so far. I will have to post the finished product once it's done. I am not going all out for the room until I come back from maternity leave in January. I plan on buying a couch for the reading nook then along with a lamp & some stools. 

Stop by Blog Hoppin' to check out all the other classrooms.

Oh & don't forget the sale that is going on tomorrow at Teachers Pay Teachers

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week 14': WHO

It's that time for Teacher Week 2014 hosted by the gals @ Blog Hoppin... So make sure you check out all the great posts & link up.

Today is Who Monday so I will tell ya a little about myself.

I feel like I am always saying this but if it's your 1st visit to my blog then it'll be new to you... I am a Mississippi girl who is now living in Alberta, Canada (thanks to my Canadian husband). I have been living in Canada for 2 years now. I love it here (with the exception of winters...brrr.. I hate the cold!) but I do really miss home, especially the warm weather & beach. My little princess daschund & I have survived the last 2 winters though.

My spoiled rotten precious Emma Lou will no longer be the #1 princess of our house come September 2nd. We will have a new princess though her name is undecided at this time. We have a few names in mind but we are waiting until we meet her to decide for sure. I am impatiently anxiously awaiting her arrival.

A sneak peek at our maternity photo session came out today. YAY! I know maternity photos are so cheesy but it's nice to have a decent photo of me prego since being prego makes me feel fat & yucky.

This awesome dude is my baby's daddy...aka hubby. LOL! I am so lucky to have him. We have been married for  three  2 years (I think). I am awful with remembering dates. My bad. It will be interesting to see how we survive this parenting journey.

And I am SUPER excited about this little surprise!!! If you have a best friend that you did everything with through college & in your young adult lives then you will completely understand... It seems as though God knew we wouldn't survive pregnancy without going through it together. :)
My BFF is also prego!!! Ahhhh! Words cannot explain how excited I was when I found out. Her little boy will arrive just 2 months after our girl so she already has an arranged boyfriend. Ha ha... I cannot wait for him to arrive so I can give him lots of hugs & kisses. Our soon-to-be little family will be flying down to Mississippi in November to see this little dude make his appearance. 

I have also met some pretty sweet girlfriends up here in Canada since last year. These ladies help keep my sane through the winter & the times when I miss my home, family & friends most.

(photo from our silly sock day)

As for teaching I have a BIG change this year & it's not the baby. I will no longer be teaching kindergarten (sad face). I am teaching grade 4 this year. Eekkk! I am super excited but nervous for sure. I think it will be a bit of a challenge since it's so new for me & I feel like such a big change from my little sweet kinders. On a plus side- no more tying shoes, buttoning up coats or worrying about bathroom emergencies. lol. I know I will love it but change is a little scary. I find it a little more scary since I will not be going into the classroom until January after Christmas break due to maternity leave for the 1st 4 months. This will be my 2nd year teaching in Canada. I taught kindergarten last year here in Alberta & in Mississippi I taught kindergarten for 2 years & 1st grade for half a year. 

I can not wait to see all the classroom setups tomorrow!!! It's one of my favourite days to Teacher Week. I just get so inspired & so many great ideas. Don't forget to go link up so I can read all about you & check out your fabulous classroom dig tomorrow. :)
Oh & grab a FREEBIE HERE !


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