Sunday, April 6, 2014

End of the Year Award Certificates updated & ON SALE

Boy oh boy, have I ever been so busy updating such a large file! My Editable End of the Year Awards were such a big hit last year that I decided to create a large pack so that it will offer you a variety of border choices. Well.... since there are over 190 awards for each set and 9 different border choices it made this file over 1,700 pages! Wowzer!!! I always love buying products with a variety of choices and I am one of those teachers that likes to change up my class theme/colour every once in a while so I figured there are others out there like me.
I am putting these awards on sale for the week at only $15.00.
This is my baby gender reveal sale! LOL... I am so excited to find out the gender of our baby tonight.
Here are the border options include in the Editable End of the Year Award Certificates Pack. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Well it's April which is suppose to be filled with warmer weather and melting snow here since it's technically spring but there are chances of snow again near the end of the week :( Tear.
It's time for Farley's Currently so head over to Oh Boy, 4th Grade and link up!
Listening... Well it's spring break this week for us and there isn't too much to watch on T.V. during the day so it's turned off which means all I hear is my pup chowing down her food.
Loving... Ultra sounds have seriously become my favourite!!! I wish I could sit and watch our little babe in my belly all day. (sigh)
Thinking... I have been enjoying this time off for spring break. It's giving me time to update my end of the year awards. It's also made me realize how much I need to try and add products to TPT that I make for class. My hands go down to you lovely ladies & gents that add products through out the school year. I am just better at uploading them all in the summer time.
Wanting... to find out our little chub's gender which we will on Sunday!!! I am so impatient and this is just KILLING ME but I really want our families to find out all at the same time. I did have my kiddos in class predict the baby's gender.
Needing... With this baby coming in September I really need my contract renewed for next year. Either way I obviously would like to teach but even more so with a bun in the oven. For the first 2 years of teaching here you have to get offered a contract each year. It's a little nerve racking but I have a fabulous principal that I really trust so my fingers are crossed and prayers are said.
Speaking of contract & baby coming... How long do y'all usually get off for maternity leave?
We get a year here so that'd be Sept. to Sept. for me but I am planning on coming back in January after Christmas break which if I want a full time teaching job next year this would better secure that position.
I think I remember maternity leave in the States being 6 weeks? Is that correct?
Hours and Last Day... Since we don't start until Sept. 6th our last day in June 28th with the kids.
Happy April!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft & Writing

Wednesday was my Friday! Yay! Only because at our Christmas party I won a free trip for 2 to Nevada so we're leaving today for Laughlin. Don't worry we will be driving up to Vegas for a day too, although I'm not how much fun it can be for a pregnant gal. I'm still going to rock it in a bikini or at least try. Lol. Since I'll be away for St. Patty's Day I did a Leprechaun Yourself craft that I snagged from Amanda Pauley. Well we started it anyways. The kids will finish it with the sub. The kiddos had fun creating their leprechaun.
You're suppose to use the "real" green colour but since we have to send all our photo copies/prints electronically to our school district print centre when I requested regular green paper I got this light green paper. Oh well, green is green & the craft still looks great so far!
You've got to head over to Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten and check out the final product.

We also wrote "If I found a pot of gold..." for St. Patrick's Day.

I tried explaining the finding a pot of gold would make you rich, like a million dollars, but I was amazed at how many would just buy gum or a cat. That must be some fancy gum! 

I introduced bean counting earlier this week and different ways to make 5. Here we are using our bean counting to create addition sentences and show different ways to make 10.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BIG news

Yep, that's right... I have BIG news!
First I have to quickly share our February writing & in class project before February ends.
We read Love, Splat by Rob Scotton before our Valentine writing and craft. I can tell you this though, it was so hard to get in the Valentine themed fun this year here in Canada since it was during the winter Olympics. The winter Olympics clearly are more loved here than Valentine's Day which I am so not used to. I don't know if I just never paid much attention to the winter Olympics before or if it's because I'm from the southern part of the States. We literally only did Valentine activities for like 2 days. It is definitely obvious in their February writing since I could only get my kiddos to write one sentence if I was lucky. They were just so not into Valentine's Day themed activities with all the commotion of the Olympics. However, our little Splat the Cat heads turned out cute!

One of the really cool things about the love of the winter Olympics here is that our school has a school-wide winter Olympics (which happened to fall on our V-day party). My class represented Slovakia so when we entered the gym we held up our Slovakian flag & everyone cheered. The "torch" was then lit (pretend) after all the classes entered and was carried around the gym. The neatest thing that I thought was that at the end a little girl in my class (who's parents are from Russia & therefore can speak/write in Russian) was handed the torch & in Russian she says "Let the games begin!". It was super neat & I was one proud teacher!!!

This month we are focusing on "I am Unique" so we had this lady come in for an in-class project to talk to us about how we are all unique and the different ways that we are unique. Each student got to make this in-class project craft of themselves & things that make them unique. It was a lot of fun and the students really enjoyed it.

Now for my BIG news!!!
Yep, that's right... That lil chubs in this photo is in my belly. Me & the hubs are expecting a little bebe boy or girl in September. The due date is Sept. 2nd which just happens to be the first week of teachers going back to school. We are SUPER excited!!! Now I just need to get my teaching contract offered to me again in May. Things are so different here and I still don't get the whole way they do contracts here but I'm on some sort of continuing part-time contract which has to be offered to me again in like May or June in order for me to be able to work again next year. So I am keeping my fingers crossed!
PS. I'll take any advice for a teaching mommy-to-be. :)
Happy Tuesday y'all!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Look at Reading & Writing in my Classroom

Everyone has there own ways on teaching reading & writing. Since I love reading about how others teach it in their classroom, mainly because it gives me fun & new ideas, I figured why not share how I teach reading & writing with my kinders. Of course like any teacher I start reading & writing at the beginning of the year with the children's names. They practice writing their name, building their name using different manipulatives & reading their name.
The kindergarten program at my school uses Animated Literacy. The program is nice but I like to mix in there certain things from Project Read and the Sing, Spell, Read & Write program, along with our favourite Dr. Jean learning songs. At my last school district we taught a different letter each week beginning with A & ending with Z. I love how the Animated Literacy program begins with P, then U,O,M, etc. so that my kiddos can build a few small words after learning just few letters & letter sounds. 

Each morning we start our day with calendar time which I use to teach a variety of skills but along with a new letter each week we also have a new sight word each week. The sight word is introduced on the SmartBoard during calendar time & the children also read over the sight words they've learned each morning. I believe repetion is key! Each morning during calendar time I pull up a blank page on the SmartBoard & "kind of" use techniques from Project Read to reinforce knowledge about vowels. I follow those techniques loosely and adjusted them to what I like best. 
I start by saying "every word has a vowel" (clapping once when I say the word every). We then name the vowels as a group while counting them on our fingers. I write the vowels on the SmartBoard and then we go over the vowel sounds while using hand gestures. I am now getting into long vowels with the kiddos so we talk about the silent magic e at the end of a word & partner vowels (the 1st one does the talking & the 2nd one does the talking). It's a skill that isn't in the curriculum until grade 1, but hey why not teach it. 
Learning sight words can be tricky for kiddos so along with reading their sight words each morning on the SmartBoard I introduce their sight word book every Monday. I read it during calendar time & at one of the Centers or for morning work the students will fill in the missing sight word on each page & colour their book. They generally read it to me every day at my guided reading table during Centers. With it being after December I now have levelled guided readers that each group reads to me so right now we read our sight word readers daily whole group. I do like using the sight word readers at my guided reading table for my struggling readers. 

(PS. I use a coloured laminated version of the sight word readers that we've read in the book bins for partner reading.)
We also reinforce the sight word of the week and letter of the week in our journal writing. 
Well I am about to begin my 1st session at a teaching convention. My 1st since teaching in Canada.
To be continued.... 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fill Your Heart with FREEBIES

Wow! What a busy weekend. Is this a busy weekend for you? There is just so much going on but during these busy times I just love grabbing some freebies and entering for a fabulous giveaway.
You can grab your Valentine freebies here!

Valentine Addition & Subtraction Word Problems
After you grab your freebies you can head over to Sara over at Polka Dot Kinders to keep filling your heart with FREEBIES!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowball Fight Hop

Don't miss the BIGGEST Snowball Fight of the Year!!
22 of your favorite bloggers have teamed up to bring you a...

Our forts are built...
the snowballs are packed & stacked...
and we're about to BLAST you with FREEBIES!!

So lace up your boots, pull on your mittens,
and get ready to load up on 'SNOW' much good stuff!!

Hop on over to the Lovely Literacy & More Facebook page to grab your freebie.

Look for this tab on every facebook page to find the next FREEBIE.
Note: You will not be able to access the freebies from an iPad.  

Click the image below to download a copy of the clickable map to find your way to all the 'snow forts'!

The Snowball Fight begins at 10 am CST on Saturday, January 18th.  
But don't delay because the snowballs melt at 10 pm CST on Monday, January 20th!!

We hope you have fun on the hop and find lots of fun freebies that you and your kiddos will love!
Make sure to follow our blogs too so you'll never miss a FREEBIE!  
Thanks for joining our Snowball Fight!!

Special thanks Amy over @ Happy Teacher Heaven for putting together this fun Snowball Fight freebie Hop for all you ladies & gents. What better way to get through this past week of a full moon and mid January than with a freebie hop.
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