Friday, January 30, 2015

Beary Fun Learning

IWho out there taught their class all about bears this month or plan to in February? I have found some of my favourite beary fun crafts & activities that I wanted to share with y'all.

Since it's winter we will start with our favourite white fluffy bear, the polar bear.
This craft from Mrs. Patton's Class Instagram is one of my favourite. I love how she has students put white fur (white paint) on their polar bear's black skin (black outline). Yes, polar bears have black skin! This craft makes that fun fact memorable.

If you are just looking for loads of activities related to polar bears then you must check out Becky at Teaching, Learning & Loving. From books to videos, crafts to colors, counting to writing, and addition to science activity Becky provides you with many beary fun learning activities.

What kid doesn't enjoy playing with shaving cream. The Crafty Classroom provides directions for creating that perfect puffy polar bear.

Bern at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas also provides a fun craft with shaving cream, but she doesn't stop there. She also provides you with book suggestions about polar bears and a beary tasty treat, 

Looking for a polar bear freebie? Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies provides a polar bear writing freebie on her TPT Store.

All beary get pretty lazy when it's time to hibernate. Put those bear facts, new terms and writing together with this adorable writing activity from Mrs Lees Kinder Kids.

Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is one of my favourite books for early readers. Get all things brown bear here at 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1.

If you are taking your class on a bear hunt Buggy and Buddy can show you how.

Teaching the Little People offers a cute note to send home for the kiddos to bring those teddy bears to class.

Michelle at Apples & ABCs provides you with the cutest brown bear craft and writing activity.

I spotted this on Kindergarten Smiles and thought it was such a great idea for when all the kiddos bring in their teddy bears to class.

A brown bear lesson isn't complete without Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Head here for a Goldilocks and the Three Bears printable.

Need book suggestions for your bear lessons? Check out Fantastic Fun and Learning and Pre-k Pages.

Do you incorporate panda bears when teaching about bears? If so, this panda craft is a great way to introduce tear art. I found this craft here

I didn't find a link for this craft. It was just on my Pinterest but talk about perfect for ending your lesson on bears and transitioning into Valentine's Day!

In need of a bulletin board idea to go along with your bear unit? I found a great bulletin board idea here

Do you teach a lesson or unit on bears? If so, I would LOVE for you to share you product or link so I can check out your beary fun activities!!! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back on the Grind & Flash FREEBIE

I hope y'all had a great holiday break and a happy New Year. I know everyone is back on the grind this week. I would say "ha ha" as I am enjoying time at home with my princess but it's -1 Fahrenheit here. Talk about FREEZING cold!!! Brrrr....
I actually found time (which never happens) to create a little flash freebie for y'all. Hopefully these Valentine Writing Maps can be used in the classroom.
Click on the image to grab your FREEBIE. Hurry you have 15 minutes!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Spirit & Flash Freebie

Hey there folks! I am still on my maternity break & enjoying every moment I'm getting with my little. We got back from Mississippi last week where we enjoyed spending over 3 weeks with family and friends. Raley did great on the plane. She slept most of the flight.
We have returned to the snow & cold here in Canada. I have been so MIA in the blogging & TPT world. I try to get on when I can which feels like never. Lol. Sorry ladies & gents. I don't know how stay at home moms do it or especially those who go back to work, take care of a baby & still find time to blog and create products. Y'all must be walking zombies. Ha ha. I feel like one often.
I wanted to share with y'all some adorable Christmas photos of my sweet bebe & a FLASH freebie of my Christmas Unit.

Enjoy this FREEBIE for an hour. Grab it HERE.
This pack includes all the items below.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Mom Life & Halloween Freebie

Well my life has been busy feeding this sweet baby girl, along with diaper changes, diaper leaks & constantly getting spit up on. I'm still on cloud 9. A VERY tired cloud 9 of course. I can't believe Raley is already 6 weeks old. Now I understand why parents are always amazed at how fast their children grow.
I feel like the days just fly by. We usually spend our days relaxing at home or on the couch trying to sneak in naps when she takes a nap. Something that's pretty awesome is that 4 other teachers at my school as also on maternity leave & had babies so us Mommas get together with our wee ones once every other week to chit chat.
Here's Raley with 2 of her gal pals. There are 2 more than were just born that will be joining us shortly.
It's also nice having little cousins to hang out with. I can't wait for Raley to be old enough to play with them.

As you can see I'm getting hardly any work done but I did manage to put together a Halloween Read It, Stamp It, Write It. It's FREE for you to snatch up TODAY! I've been working on finishing my Fall/Halloween Unit. Obviously it's been a very slow process but I guess it'll be ready by next Fall. Lol
Click HERE to grab this Halloween freebie!!! 

Other BIG news! After a long talk with my principal I decided to take my full year maternity leave that we get here in Canada so that means I won't go back to teaching until August next year. It was a very hard decision since I thought I could handle going back in January but I think it's the best decision.
In celebration of me getting to spend the remaining school year cuddling and cooing with my sweet baby girl my TPT Store and TN Shop will be marked down. So go stop by & check out any goodies you may need.

And I'm sorry but I must show some more photos of my princess. ;)

We are SO in love! Happy weekend y'all! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My new little bundle of joy & exhaustion

My sweet baby girl, Raley Anne finally graced us with her presence on September 10th. After over 30 hours of labour & 2 hours of pushing we finally got to meet her. I'd say she's pretty stubborn. She weighed 8 lbs & 10 oz and was 21 inches long.
I've obviously been very busy as a new mom which is why I haven't really blogged this month. I'm still not used to getting very much sleep. Running off of 3-4 hours of sleep has this girl worn out! 
We are so in love with this funny face making little girl that seems to have the appetite of her daddy. Since I'm going back to work early (in January) & not taking a full year off I plan to spend all that soaking in quality time the days I get to spend at home with my daughter. Please excuse my absence from the blogging world for the next 3 months as I most likely won't be spending much time on here or creating new products. 
I'm off to enjoy these 1st few months of motherhood. :) Happy Tuesday y'all! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a Push Sale

Snow in September?! Say what! Yes, it snowed here today. Can you believe it? No wonder my baby doesn't want to come out of my belly. I can't blame her. It's suppose to snow tomorrow as well.
I must have one stubborn little girl on my hands. Her due date was September 2nd & she still has not arrived yet. I have been impatiently waiting. The day has come to where I will have to wait no longer. YAY! Tomorrow morning I am evicting this stubborn girl & am getting induced. So in celebration of FINALLY being able to meet this princess I am having a Push Sale!!!

Head over to my TPT Store or TN Shop to get 20% off the 9th & the 10th!!!
I hope y'all have a happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

False Labour & Freebie

My school started back on Tuesday & it was a bitter sweet day as I was wishing I was able to be there on that 1st day of school with my grade 4 kiddos. I  love the first day of school & think it really sets the stage for the rest of the year. Most of all I missed shopping for my 1st day of school outfit. I can't be the only one?! This past weekend I went with the hubs to J. Crew so he could get him some new work gear & I found the perfect 1st day of school dress that I would've totally worn. It was rural blue dress and the sleeves and bottom were a scalloped cut. And best of all... it was 50% off. I should've just bought it for when I return to work but I knew that would only make me more sad. Plus I might look funny buying the dress with my big 'ole pregnant belly.
Yes, my due date was yesterday & I am still pregnant! :( This baby is playing mean tricks on my body. Last night Early this morning I had a false labour. I woke up about 12:30am with contractions 1-2 minutes apart that lasted until after 4am. We finally went to the hospital around 3am because they started hurting a little and I was worried with them being so close together. Apparently it was just a false alarm since I wasn't dilated enough. It's just a guessing game. Being a teacher I find this difficult. I like to be given a date and time. Oh well...
Oh behalf of a false labour and little sleep I have a freebie for you. I had someone request the Teacher Planner in a black & white version for a ink friendly version. So here it is! Grab this freebie while it's available.
Hopefully in the next few days I will be showing off our little bebe if she decides to come out & play. :)


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